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Press Release: Price Collaboration with General Index


  • Leading innovator in marine fuel trading partners with world’s first tech-led benchmark provider
  • The future of data-driven solutions through sophisticated technology
  • Better benchmarks delivered through ‘The Wave’ – offering real-time insights and a more objective view of fuel pricing dynamics

Shipergy, a leading innovator in marine fuel trading, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with General Index (GX), a key player in commodity pricing benchmarks. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in providing unparalleled transparency in marine fuel pricing.

The partnership centres on the exchange of vital pricing data and its intelligent application:

  • Data Exchange via API: Shipergy commits to providing daily pricing data for various marine fuel grades and locations to GX through a sophisticated API link.
  • Algorithm Integration: GX will leverage Shipergy's pricing data within its algorithmic framework to enhance the accuracy and relevance of its daily bunker benchmarks.
  • Accessible Benchmarking on The Wave: These enhanced benchmarks will be made available to Shipergy's clients through its advanced platform, 'The Wave'. This integration promises to offer users real-time insights and a more transparent view of fuel pricing dynamics.

"Our partnership with General Index is a pivotal development in our ongoing commitment to demystify marine fuel pricing. By integrating cutting-edge benchmarking into 'The Wave', we're equipping our clients with the data they need to make informed, strategic decisions in fuel procurement."

  • Daniel Rose, CEO, Shipergy

“We’re excited to partner with Shipergy and enhance our global marine fuel benchmarks. Their robust digital tools and services align perfectly with the GX values of bringing price transparency to a market that for too long has had to suffer with opaque methodologies and inaccurate pricing.”

  • Neil Bradford, Founder and CEO, General Index

This collaboration is set to redefine the standards of pricing transparency in the marine fuel sector. Shipergy and General Index are dedicated to harnessing the power of data to streamline and enhance the decision-making process in marine fuel trading.

For additional details regarding this partnership and its impact on the marine fuel industry, please contact or