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Press Release:  Shipergy Announces the Official Launch of VCOQ™, Shortlisted for Marine Fuels 360 Digitisation Award

LONDON, [17 October 2023] - Shipergy, a leader in tech-led marine fuel trading and procurement, proudly introduces its latest trademarked digital innovation: VCOQ™ (Verified Certificate of Quality). As a revolutionary tool, VCOQ™ offers companies enhanced supplier selection insights based on fuel quality. By leveraging fresher and less biased data than traditional COQs, VCOQ™ provides a level of clarity and accuracy previously unattainable. Exclusively for Shipergy's bunker clients, this game-changing product is currently available free-of-charge.  The VCOQ™ covers all fuel grades at all ports worldwide, including new Biofuel options.

In a significant industry nod, VCOQ™ has been shortlisted for the esteemed Marine Fuels 360 Digitisation Award, contending with entries from much larger  companies like ZeroNorth and Minerva Bunkering.

Daniel Rose, CEO of Shipergy, expressed his enthusiasm: "Over 30 companies signed up for VCOQ™ during its beta phase, indicating its potential transformative impact on the marine fuel sector. Earning a spot among the award nominees reaffirms our commitment to pioneering digital solutions for the marine fuel industry. Offering VCOQ™ at no added cost to our clients emphasizes our dedication to quality and innovation."

As Shipergy continues to scale its trading and procurement business, VCOQ™ is set to play a pivotal role. This new product, along with the company’s free AI-driven Daily Market Report, further solidifies its place in the marine fuel procurement landscape.  From here, Shipergy intends to continue iterating and launching tools that will empower bunker bunkers.=

Rose further added, "Being shortlisted is a testament to VCOQ's™ capabilities and highlights the groundbreaking direction in which Shipergy is headed. Our vision is clear: to propel the industry forward using top-tier, cutting-edge offerings."

The winners of the Marine Fuels 360 Awards' Digitisation category will be unveiled in late November 2022

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About Shipergy Ltd:

Shipergy Ltd is a tech-led bunker procurement and trading company that leverages innovative technologies to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable marine fuel solutions. Headquartered in London, Shipergy is committed to helping its clients navigate the fuel procurement challenges of an ever-changing maritime industry while meeting environmental and regulatory requirements.